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MediaStorm The Black Market

The multimedia project Black Market by Patrick Brown, details his trip to several countries to investigate their practice of selling animal remains. Many of these parts are used in rituals or as aids. Brown describes the use of the Rhino horn for its sexual powers.

This business is extremely lucrative, through no one working know its exact worth. The stills in his multimedia story vividly describe this trade. I was surprise to see that Brown, was able to go so in depth seeing that this is such a taboo field of work. Even though his photos give a vast amount of detail, if he wouldn’t have narrated the story it would have fell flat.

The inside stories of raids and of him voluntary ingesting the gallbladder fluid of a bear couldn’t have been told with photos alone.


3 Responses to “MediaStorm The Black Market”

  1. This definitely seems like an interesting presentation. The black marketing of animal remains is a sad state of affairs. What is even more disturbing is the sale of human remains, or organ harvesting. I won’t go into too much detail, as unsettling as it is. We should be grateful that this slideshow does not concern the trafficking of human parts. I’d imagine such photos would be quite distressing, although the intended message would have a heavy impact on the viewing public.

  2. Melany,

    This seems to be really neat. And I love your appearance of your blog. It is very eye catching and I would love to chat and you can help mine look like this.

    As far as the article, good job incorporating a photo into the post and the article is cool. I would add more of a reaction though and let the viewer click on the link to the article.

    Good job overall.

  3. Good start, but I agree with Ashley that more reaction would make it better. Also, there are several style and other errors — team up with someone and edit each other’s work to avoid them.

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